So, first up: Why? Or should we say Y?

Because the best content needs a strategy behind it, that’s why. It also needs people with eyes for what looks good and ears for what sounds good. If you want to talk in buzzwords, it needs “content strategists” and “curators”. That’ll be us. Next we ask…


But what content will work best for your business? It’s not a catch all term. Lucky for you, we’re an integrated content and communications collective, offering content generation for social media and PR – be it video, imagery, graphics – whatever it takes for you to grab the attention of your customers. And your competitors. And your competitors’ customers.

…and then: So What?

So what does all of this mean for you? In a nutshell, it means we’ll work with you to audit, strategise and ultimately go on to develop content that’s engaging, relevant and shareable. Put simply, we’ll tell the story of your brand from start to finish. In words and in pictures.

So ask yourself Y? Then What? Then So What?
Then become a Y Project.

The What

Communications Strategy

Because you can’t just throw you-know-what at a wall and see what sticks. Well, you can if you want. But not with us.

Video Content Generation

Hero video campaigns, lol-worthy memes, drone shoots and Live feeds – we do it all.

Social Media Strategy

Curated feeds, channel-specific content, posting when your audience is online, which management tools are worth your time and more.

Social Media Management

Because we know when to post (more importantly, when it’s acceptable to use an emoji), who to follow and how to engage with them. And because who’s got the time, really? Oh yeah, us.

Public Relations

Media releases, alerts, interviews, features and more. And all with a heavy online focus so more people read your news. And you score those all-important backlinks.

Creative Direction

We work with the best creatives so your content looks just as good as it sounds. We’re Gen Y, if it don’t look good – we’ve lost all interest.


Stylised, striking and stand-out. That’s how you like it, right? Great – us too.

Campaign Measurement

Because your ROI is what’s important here. Otherwise, what’s it all for? And because we love an Excel sheet.

Social and Digital Training

Want to be more savvy on social? On it when it comes to online? We offer tailor-made training for you and your team.

The So What

Because your business deserves to look kick ass. We can make that happen.

These Guys Start With Y


I Want To Start With Y

asked yourself y?
then what?
then so what?
You're ready to become a Y Project. Drop us a line or give us a call.